Sensuous Massaging For Heightened Sex – Know All the Details You Always Wanted So Desperately Part 2

As already mentioned in the first part you need to have a focus on the enjoyment that your partner is having during a sensuous and rhythmic massage. In this part we would focus on the lower portion of the body and explore the sensuous body parts that need to be sensitized for sexual arousal.

Massaging your partner’s calves, ankles and feet. Is easier if she lies face down.

1. Massaging The feet and the legs

With your partner lying face down, start by massaging the toes. Stretching, kneading and bending each one upwards before rubbing the areas between them. These are the most sensuous portions and should generate titillating feelings. Gently run the palm of your hand over the sole of your partner’s feet and then along side of the tops. Raise each leg in turn and gently rotate each foot a few times until it feels loose and relaxed. Gradually move up the leg by paying special attention to the ankles, knees and back of the feet.

To give downward leg strokes, move your hand smoothly down from ankle to knee and squeeze the calf muscles gently with your finger tips.

2. Massaging the Buttocks

While you move your hand over the buttocks, ensure that you do it in a circular motion. First you need to press your hand firmly and then gently release them so that the pressure is now lighter with your hands just brushing the skin. Then you can knead and squeeze each buttock gently in turns. This is more relaxing.